Mrs. Koets' 1st Grade Class

Local Kalamazoo Weather! The link below shows information about what the weather is in Kalamazoo right now. Josh (Mrs. Koets' son) lives in Kalamazoo and has a weather station on his house. The weather station collects information about the weather, then it sends that information to WeatherUnderground, where they collect information from weather stations around the world and use that to predict what the weather is going to be! 

This is what the weather station looks like:

  • The cups on the top spin and tell how fast the wind is going. 
  • The weathervane under that points in the direction the wind is coming from. 
  • It catches rain in a little bucket on top, counts how much is there, then piddles it out the bottom, so you know how many inches of rain falls. 
  • It has a thermometer to tell how hot or cold it is. 
  • It has a hygrometer (high-grom-it-or) to tell how humid (how sticky it feels) outside.

Click here to see the information from Josh's weather station!