Mrs. Koets' 1st Grade Class

Welcome new 2023-2024 Students! 

Welcome to a year of learning fun! 

Mrs. Koets’ beginning of school student supply list for 2023-2024

Student list:

  • Crayons
  • Glue sticks
  • SHARPENED pencils
  • optional…..Markers/ “fat ones” , please
  • I will have crayons, pencils, and glue sticks for student use as well!
  • Headset for Chromebook ( in a plastic ziploc bag)

Class supplies for September:

Each month there will be certain things our class will need each student to send to school. Thank you in advance for your support!!

  • Container of wet ones/ anti- bacterial wipes
  • Pump waterless hand sanitizer
  • Box of Kleenex/ tissues
  • Gallon size “Ziploc” type baggies


Welcome Videos from years past:

Happy Summertime!

Our flowers are blooming outside our classroom! Remember when Mrs. Rundle helped us plant these daffodil bulbs? The tulips are starting to bloom too! Hooray!

Welcome to Mrs. Koets' First Grade Class

What a fun year we have in store for first grade!!!!

Please visit this site for upcoming events, monthly supplies, class information, and more!!

We will be studying weather, seasons, combinations of 10 ( addition and subtraction),writing complete thoughts, reading short vowel words,and increasing fluency and stamina with our reading

Please plan 2 HEALTHY snacks each day with your child... we will discuss snacks that are good for our brains!   :)

Ready for some reading to "stretch our brains"???  book orders…. you may order on line... class code H3CGV

Please read with your child READ READ READ each night for 15  minutes… 

Students need gym shoes and an art shirt!!  Thank you!

Thank you for your support!!!

First Grade News

At home learning is in full swing!

It sounds like many of you are doing a good job finding a daily routine. Keeping a schedule helps everyone!

Here are a few "Schedule options"....

  • READING (out loud and silently)
  • MATH fact practice through 20
  • HANDWRITING  ( messages/notes/letters to family, mail them or tape them around your house)
  • SINGING some familiar songs
  • Telling jokes... laughter is essential
  • Checking on our Eagle family... write about what you observe
  • WRITING, journal about this "season" of first grade, what you do, how you feel
  • BRAIN  GYM exercises that you know and can  teach your family
  • QUIET time
  • BUSY playtime!
Set aside a few times each week for:
  • Walks together to enjoy nature
  • Arts and crafts ( great "directed drawing" online... we like those at school, too!)
  • Science experiments
I'll be sending messages through our REMIND app to give reminders, add fun things to do, updates on our website....

Take care, be safe, stay healthy.... I miss you!!! Sending lots of hugs!!!!

Here are some district links for you....