Mrs. Koets' 1st Grade Class

June 18th 2020   Big brother eagle "fledges"....has his first flight!!!  Watch as... Away he goes!!!!!
We said that these babies would be ready to fly from their nest about the time our first graders were ready to "fly into summer".... Hooray for eagles AND first graders!!!!!!!!
Happy Summertime!

Our flowers are blooming outside our classroom! Remember when Mrs. Rundle helped us plant these daffodil bulbs? The tulips are starting to bloom too! Hooray!

Welcome to Mrs. Koets' First Grade Class

What a fun year we have in store for first grade!!!!

Please visit this site for upcoming events, monthly supplies, class information, and more!!

Watch for a calendar of events each month as well!

We will be studying weather, seasons, combinations of 10 ( addition and subtraction),writing complete thoughts, reading short vowel words,and increasing fluency and stamina with our reading

Please plan 2 HEALTHY snacks each day with your child... we will discuss snacks that are good for our brains!   :)

Ready for some reading to "stretch our brains"???  book orders…. you may order on line... class code H3CGV

Please read with your child READ READ READ each night for 15  minutes… 

Students need gym shoes and an art shirt!!  Thank you!

Thank you for your support!!!