Welcome to 1st Grade

Read, read,read!!!

Please send in a "collection" your child likes... 5 or 6 items of the same type of thing... rocks, stickers, something the enjoy collecting... we will be writing about our "favorites" with details to support our choices! Thank you!!  Due: Jan. 27th!

  • School supplies....... scissors, crayons, markers, and glue STICKS !   Thank you 
  • January classroom supplies needed:  container o fANTI-BACTERIAL  "wet ones".. clorox, lysol.. and a box of kleenex... thank you!!
  • Please remember 2 healthy snacks EACH DAY!!! THANK YOU!!!!
  • Please READ together 15-20 min each night... and record the minutes for "Reading Club"!! Thank you!
  • A good night's sleep and a good breakfast help us to be be our BEST on the "first grade student channel"!!!!! Thanks
  • Please also add addition/ subtraction fact practice ( flashcards) to your weekly review!!!

Spelling Words (Click here to download)
Club Words (Click here to download)